IAC is made up of different members that work together to ensure the success of IAC in the community.

Sub Committee

Often referred to as Sub-C's, Sub-Committee members work most closely with the executive committee and IAC member organizations in programming and helping with major events.

Sub-C members help the international student organizations with their culture nights by dancing, serving food, acting as MC, etc. Sub-C is the best experience and opportunity for those who want future leadership within IAC. The Sub-Committee has between 6-15 members with a Sub-C Chair serving as the leader and liaison between the executive committee and the Sub-C. Sub-C members must attend bi-weekly meetings.

The sub-Committee members are selected through an application process at the beginning of the spring and fall semester. The sub-committee chair is elected at the end of the spring semester.

Sub-Committee applications will for Spring 2014 will be available next year.

Task Force

The task force works independently from the executive committee on international student issues and problems. The task force serves as a liaison between the OU administration and the international students. International and exchange students may consult the task force chair with any problems, including: visas, travel, scholarships, housing questions, etc.

The task force is made up of 3-5 members appointed at the beginning of the fall semester. The task force chair is elected at the end of the spring semester. Current Task force Members:

Judicial Board

The judicial board is made up of 3 members from different countries. The Judicial board is responsible for deciding on appeals against the International Advisory Executive or Advisory Council decisions in accordance to the IAC Constitution. The executive committee appoints the members of the judicial board at the beginning of the fall semester.

Current Judicial Board Member


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