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The International Advisory Committee (IAC) at the University of Oklahoma was established over 23 years ago with the primary purpose of uniting all of the international cultural associations on campus. IAC sponsors and organizes the fall International Bazaar and the spring Eve of Nations Banquet. The International Advisory Committee has a diverse executive committee with representatives from all corners of the world. IAC works closely with the presidents of all of the international student organizations in the planning and implementation of culture and social programs that affect the University's international community.

IAC holds regular meetings, and attendance by international students at these meetings is encouraged. The meetings provide international students an opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns. The committee elects its executive officers toward the end of the spring semester for the following academic year. During the middle of the spring semester of every academic school year, there is a period of five weeks set aside in order to provide a time for international associations to showcase their country or region for the university and the surrounding community.The University of Oklahoma provides many international student associations a broader spectrum of our great world. These provide socials events, cultural programs, and sports activities as well as support to international students. International associations promote cultural exchange between the campus and the community organizations and represent almost every area of the world.


INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA IAC CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I. Name The name of this organization shall be the International Advisory Committee (IAC)...

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Umbrella Organization

IAC serves as the umbrella organization for 23 international student organizations at OU, which are the foundation for IAC. Each of these organizations is an independent, registered organization at OU, but are registered to be a part of IAC. IAC member organizations have the benefits of participating in IAC events and compete in Eve of Nations in the spring.

Member organizations must send a representative to bi-weekly IAC General Body Meetings. International and cultural organizations may register with IAC at the beginning of the fall semester.

List of International Student Organizations under IAC:


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