Our events

IAC hosts smaller events throughout the year, including: the IAC Fall Retreat, Winter Ball, Global Feast, and International Prom. IAC supports all international student organizations events and it also organizes some of the largest international events in the state of Oklahoma.

Our list of events:

Mr. and Miss International OU Pageant

IAC hosts an international student pageant which has contestants sharing facts about their culture, showcasing a talent, and presenting their ethnic wear. It occurs every Spring semester.

The IAC Fall Retreat

The IAC Fall Retreat is held each September in order to form friendships between IAC members and member organization presidents. The retreat includes discussion about IAC and the international organizations, leadership activities and bonding games. Visit our IAC Facebook page to know more about IAC retreat 2017.

The Winter Ball

The Winter Ball is a semi-formal dance event held as a fundraiser for IAC in the fall semester. The Winter Ball has food, live piano music, dance lessons, a dance party with international music, and a raffle to win Eve of Nations tickets.

Global Feast

Global Feast, IAC partners with Greek sororities and fraternities at OU to allow OU students to experience delicious foods from around the world in addition to cultural performances. The Global Feast is held in March.

International Prom

The International Prom is held in April to give international students the traditional, American prom experience. This semi-formal event has appetizing foods, dance music and a typical prom environment. It’s a great way to celebrate a successful year for the international community. Visit our IAC Facebook page to know more about International Prom 2017.


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